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Patti L. Dean

Director of Business

Patti Dean, Director of Business Operations, has worked for Dean Architects since February, 2012.

Prior to working for Dean Architects, she worked for the Springville Journal Newspaper for 11 years, the last three of which was the editor. Metro Group, the owners of the Springville Journal, awarded Patti the employee of the year title in 2010 for her hard work and dedication to the company.

After marrying Mark Dean, Patti decided to leave her position with Metro Group and join Mark's architecture business.

Patti's duties as Director of Business Operations are very diversified and include answering and directing phone calls, setting up appointments with clients, Web Site administration, payroll activities, invoicing, measuring on job sites, setting up jobs, taking photos, drawing up proposals, invoicing, as well as other duties too numerous to list.

Residential Home

Commercial Project

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